Thranduil Oropherion Redux aka Randy (randy_o) wrote,
Thranduil Oropherion Redux aka Randy

Two New Family Members

It has been so long that I've almost forgotten how to do this. We lost a cat, Midnight, last September to breast cancer, and our beautiful horse, Ginger, who was the model for the chestnut mare in The Courier. Both losses were very sad and the last thing I needed at the time.

However, last February during the coldest stretch of the winter, a feral kitten managed to take shelter in our basement. We sealed him in, fed him, and gradually got him to the point where he would come out from his hidey hole and look us in the eye. We named him Schrodinger duting the months that the only evidence we had of his existence was the disappearing food and used litterbox. He began to venture upstairs, and last week I closed the basement door behind him. Schrodinger still hides under a bed during the day, but he is officially s housecat. I caught this photo of him last night on my tablet.

In the spring, after sad months of an empty pasture and open gates for the first time in half a century, I contacted a horse rescue organization about a paint grlding they had online. Long story short, we adopted Blue and have had him here with us for a little over a week. The neighbors have already come over to meet him, telling us how much they missed Ginger, and he loved every moment of the attention. Here he is, also taken on my tablet.


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