October 22nd, 2007


Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone!

After two weeks of sitting on my hands and gnashing my teeth at veiled and not so veiled comments in another venue, I finally broke down and hugged a 'Suethor' today. I ask you, what courage and wit does it take to pick on fourteen year olds? Does it make one's own writing better? Judging from the efforts of *certain writers* I think the answer to that question is no.

Professor Tolkien may be dead, but the last I heard, he had not passed on his mantle to anyone I know. I share the frustration of having to wade through page after page of adolescent writing at ff.net to find the occasional gem among the dross, but that is the nature of the archive. That is why Eru made back buttons.

For those who insist on a modicum of writing standards, I have one suggestion: Henneth Annun Story Archive, otherwise known as HASA.

And for those who wish for a juried archive that follows canon to the letter and eschews 'Sues' I go one step further and say, try Stories of Arda.