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In which I eat some long overdue Humble Pie

Well, I have received an answer to my previous post, here and here. So much for the Age of Reason.

At least I now have an assurance that no further barbs will be about me, so I suppose that will have to suffice. For the record, the astounding assertions made in the above links bear very little relation to reality.

There was one comment that hit home, however. I will quote it here:

Humble pie is as much a part of their diet as it is of mine, and that is why we get along. This is impossible for *you* because *you* believe that humble pie is for other people, never for *you.*

I will now eat a portion of Humble Pie, and it is all my own. Early in my sojourn in LOTR fandom, I flamed an author whose story I disliked greatly. Unfortunately, I inspired others to do the same, troubling this writer in other areas of her fannish interests, and she ceased work on the story, which was not my intent. The more time passes, and the more I see other people convincing themselves that they are doing something useful by flaming, the more I regret my behavior.

So . . . Ertia, I am sorry. No one has the right to tell anyone what they can write, period, and I truly wish you had heeded my final words to you -- to spit in my eye and continue on with the story. I was wrong, and I apologise.

As for the Humble Pie offered by the Hall Monitor, I will none, I give *you* thanks. Expecting Aislynn and me to apologise for provoking *you* to insult us puts *you* in the position of the wife beater who says, "Honey, I'm sorry I blackened your eye, broke your jaw and put you in the hospital, but, darnit, you just make me so angry sometimes!"

I find I have stepped in something nasty on my journey through fandom. I shall now wipe my light Elven shoe upon the grass and move on.