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The Age of Reason

The writer of this rant (Rant: I'm fed up to the back teeth of people who don't and won't reason. You know, that thing where people talk to each other (or email) as equals and either agree to disagree or just respect each other's points of view? What happened to the Age of Reason? It's dead and gone. Damn!! Any chance of getting it back? Please??!) left out one very important detail. It is impossible for people to talk to each other, or email, when all forms of communication have been blocked unilaterally, as I learned when I found one of my replies to to a certain person deleted and attempted to take this discussion private.

This Live Journal remains open to comments from anyone, and I give my promise that no one will be censored. My email is to be found in my user profile. In addition, I have not blocked private messages or reviews from anyone at Fanfiction.net. I am willing to reason, both privately and out in public. The choice is up the the ranter. It always has been.

Anything else is . . . unreasonable.