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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Lord of the Rings Fiction:

AU Story: Knew I Love Once? : Legolas and Arwen at the Rath Dinen.

The Night That Covers Me:  A very Dark AU based on Aislynn Crowdaughter's Mael Gul universe.  With her gracious permission.

AU Story: Empire of Dirt:  After fifteen years in Lothlorien, a 'courtesan' returns home to find that much has changed in Mirkwood.

The Ransom At the Redhorn: Ever wonder what really happened to Celebrian in that den of orcs? Wonder no longer! With apologies to O. Henry and thanks to a certain anonymous author. Humor, rated R mostly for innuendo and language. 2011 MEFA Third Place Winner.

Ain Melir den Urui: After witnessing an unfortunate incident on the slopes of Mount Orodruin, Elrond and Thranduil must escape Mordor disguised as females. And that's only the start of their problems. Elrond; Thranduil; Caleborn; Celebrian; Galadriel. Rated PG-13 for innuendo.
Part One: Fell Deeds Awake
Part Two: Girls Will Be Girls
Part Three: Oh Careless Love!
Part Four: Aman Help the Working  Elleth
Part Five: Revelations

Nine and a Half Weeks In Mirkwood, Introduction and Chapter List An unauthorized parody.  Arwen, in disguise, becomes Thranduil's love-slave.  Warning for every sexual act in the book and incredible bad taste.  NC-17  (Duh!)

Rebeeca Fanfiction: Songe d'Automne Two authorized sequels have killed Maxim de Winter off, but I thought he had suffered enough and deserved a happier ending. Or is it . . .?

Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfiction:

Bittersweet: The short life of Will Turner.

Nothing Ventured:  Jack Sparrow is up to something.  Can Will and Elizabeth trust him?  Should they?
Chapter One: The Plunge
Chapter Two: Death By Water
Chapter Three: World Without End

Ships That Pass In the Night: Silmarillion/POTC crossover

Pure Idiocy:

The Land of Valinore :  A silly 'filk' song, because I got depressed.

Mail Ghoul:  Somebody really has it in for Thranduil. Written for the birthday of Aislynn Crowdaughter. Humor.

Leave It to Solo  Han Solo and Chewbacca crash land on a strange, primitive planet.  Can the Cleavers help him get home?  Crossover.  Humor.

Pork Chop Hill Angry Birds? Yes, you read that right! The black bird has a forbidden desire for the mustache pig. But their time together will be tragically limited. Humor/Parody, rated PG-13 for slash and birdie innuendo.

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